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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

times new roman courier helvetica fonts in matlab linux ubuntu plots

In general matlab plot fonts are not clearly visible in linux especially in ubuntu.

There we need to install some fonts.

open terminal by pressing Alt+Ctrl+T

then enter the following:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install gsfonts-x11

This will install only Helvetica very small and very large fonts.

to install intermediate size fonts also

enter the following command in terminal:

sudo apt-get install xfonts-75dpi xfonts-100dpi

But still times new roman and courier arial etc truetype fonts will not work yet...

installation of ttf-mscorefonts-installer also will not serve the purpose.

ie;  sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

The problem is that in linux matlab we need postscript fonts to display in figures

ie; the font files with an extension .pfb, .afm etc...

Here is a list of fonts available online.

/AlbertusMedium               (0001____.pfb) ;
/AlbertusExtraBold            (0002____.pfb) ;
/AntiqueOlive                 (0003____.pfb) ;
/AntiqueOlive-Italic          (0004____.pfb) ;
/AntiqueOlive-Bold            (0005____.pfb) ;
/ClarendonCondensed           (0006____.pfb) ;
/Coronet                      (0007____.pfb) ;
/Courier                      (0008____.pfb) ;
/Courier-Italic               (0009____.pfb) ;
/Courier-Bold                 (0010____.pfb) ;
/Courier-BoldItalic           (0011____.pfb) ;
/Garamond                     (0012____.pfb) ;
/Garamond-Italic              (0013____.pfb) ;
/Garamond-Bold                (0014____.pfb) ;
/Garamond-BoldItalic          (0015____.pfb) ;
/LetterGothic                 (0016____.pfb) ;
/LetterGothic-Italic          (0017____.pfb) ;
/LetterGothic-Bold            (0018____.pfb) ;
/Marigold                     (0020____.pfb) ;
/CGOmega                      (0021____.pfb) ;
/CGOmega-Italic               (0022____.pfb) ;
/CGOmega-Bold                 (0023____.pfb) ;
/CGOmega-BoldItalic           (0024____.pfb) ;
/CGTimes                      (0025____.pfb) ;
/CGTimes-Italic               (0026____.pfb) ;
/CGTimes-Bold                 (0027____.pfb) ;
/CGTimes-BoldItalic           (0028____.pfb) ;
/Univers                      (0029____.pfb) ;
/Univers-Italic               (0030____.pfb) ;
/Univers-Bold                 (0031____.pfb) ;
/Univers-BoldItalic           (0032____.pfb) ;
/UniversCondensed             (0033____.pfb) ;
/UniversCondensed-Italic      (0034____.pfb) ;
/UniversCondensed-Bold        (0035____.pfb) ;
/UniversCondensed-BoldItalic  (0036____.pfb) ;
/Arial-Roman                  (0037____.pfb) ;
/Arial-Italic                 (0038____.pfb) ;
/Arial-Bold                   (0039____.pfb) ;
/Arial-BoldItalic             (0040____.pfb) ;
/TimesNewRoman                (0041____.pfb) ;
/TimesNewRoman-Italic         (0042____.pfb) ;
/TimesNewRoman-Bold           (0043____.pfb) ;
/TimesNewRoman-BoldItalic     (0044____.pfb) ;
/Symbol                       (symbol__.pfb) ;
/Tidbits                      (tidbits_.pfb) ;

The download link is here:

Download the file and keep it on Desktop.

Then open a terminal by "Alt+Ctrl+T"

and enter the following commands:

cd Desktop

tar -xzvf truetype.tar.gz

sudo cp -r truetype /usr/share/fonts/X11/

sudo fc-cache -fv

This will make the truetype fonts clearly visible in matlab linux...

But this is also not a complete solution...

Some very large and some italic fonts are not working properly...

But it is a major step forward for the basic problem...