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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Geany - The best text editor ( Free and Cross-Platform )

Geany is a small and lightweight Integrated Development Environment. It was developed to provide a small and fast IDE, which has only a few dependencies from other packages. Another goal was to be as independent as possible from a special Desktop Environment like KDE or GNOME - Geany only requires the GTK2 runtime libraries.
Some basic features of Geany: 

Syntax highlighting

Code folding

Symbol name auto-completion

Construct completion/snippets

Auto-closing of XML and HTML tags

Call tips

Many supported filetypes including C, Java, PHP, HTML, Python, Perl, Pascal (Abc ,ActionScript, Ada, ASM, C, C#, C++, CAML, CMake, Conf, CSS, D, Diff, Docbook , F77, Ferite, Fortran, FreeBasic, GLSL, Genie, HTML, Haskell, Haxe, Java, Javascript, LaTeX, Lua, Make, Markdown, Matlab, NSIS, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Po, Python, R, reStructuredText, Ruby, Sh, SQL, Tcl, Txt2tags, Vala, Verilog, VHDL, XML, YAML )

Symbol lists

Code navigation

Build system to compile and execute your code

Simple project management

Plugin interface

Here are the available plugins.


Debian (Oldstable, Stable, Testing and Unstable)

Geany is available through the official Debian archives.
apt-get install geany
sudo apt-get install [name-of-plugin]
For newer versions in the Oldstable and Stable releases, check for updated packages.


Geany can be found in the Everything repository for recent Fedora releases (or Fedora Extras repository for Fedora Core 6 and earlier).
To install Geany type yum install geany
You can also install the Geany Plugins with yum install geany-plugins-*
Recent SVN snapshots for Fedora can be found at


Geany is available through the official Ubuntu archives (Universe section).
apt-get install geany
sudo apt-get install [name-of-plugin]
You might find newer versions in the Ubuntu Geany PPA at


Geany is included in Gentoo Portage, so just install it with:
emerge -av geany


To get Geany packages on a SuSE distribution use
(add the URL to your package manager (yast, zypper, smart, etc.). For more and detailed information see


Packages for Slackware can be downloaded from

Mandriva RPMs

Packages for Madriva can be downloaded from

Arch Linux

A package for Arch Linux is available in the Community repository. Check also out the AUR for packages of various plugins.

ALT Linux

A package for ALT Linux is available here: or install it directly with
apt-get install geany


Frank Cox has has built Geany packages for Centos 5. The packages are available at

Source Mage

To install Geany, just run the following command:
cast geany


Just use the ports tree to install Geany. For example, type the following:
portinstall devel/geany


To install Geany, just compile it from pkgsrc in the following directory:


To install Geany, just use the packages or ports system. Geany can be found under


Packages for SPARC/Solaris 7, 8, 9 and 10 as well as for x86/Solaris 8, 9 and 10 can be found at

Solaris Express

For installation instructions, please read


You can install Geany on OpenSolaris using the pkg utility from the "Contrib" Repository:
pkg set-publisher -O contrib
pkg install geany


You can install Geany on Crux with prt-get. For example, type the following:
prt-get install geany


To use Geany on Slax, download the package from and run as usual:
activate /path/to/geany.lzm


Geany is in the Contrib repository of Pardus:
You can install it by using the package manager or the following command:
sudo pisi it geany


A port for MacOS X is available at

Geany Portable for Windows

There is a portable version of Geany by Oliver Krystal to carry on your USB stick and use on any Windows computer.



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  1. I am very thankful to you for sharing this. Geany is really a great and lightweight IDE for computer professionals like me. I will bookmark this tool. You describe the tool in a convenient and perfect way.

  2. I was just trying to learn web development and was looking for some usefull tool. Thanks for sharing this article it will help me and those who are computer science students or even learning web development.