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Friday, December 10, 2010

Preparing windows to install UBUNTU Linux

In new laptops or desktops with windows os, all space will be occupied by C drive only (or) all space would be given to C drive. This is the procedure to resize it and make new partitions.

To shrink C drive in Windows Vista/Windows 7, Right click on My computer and select "Manage"

Select "Disk Management" from the left pane.

Now Right click on "C Drive" partition and select "Shrink Volume..."

But this procedure does not give out much space. Hence we will follow alternative method using Ubuntu Live CD.

If windows has already 4 primary partitions as shown below...

Then one need to empty a drive which is of around 30GB or more, if willing to install Linux. Because the system allows only 4 primary partitions. or 3 Primary and one Extended partition.

One can not sub-divide a primary partition. Where as one can make any number of sub-partitions in an extended partition.

Here one can delete a partition of 100GB also. Because after making 3 drives required for Linux (around 30GB) one can make the remaining space as NTFS partition (of 70GB) which one can use for windows (as well as in Linux also as extra drive).

First of all delete a primary partition by taking backup of all data by right clicking and selecting delete as shown below.

Making partitions required for Linux and making use of the remaining space can be done using Linux installation CD/DVD which one can see in the following tutorial.


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  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial. It is very informational and helpful to me. I have shrinked and created more space in my C drive through this tutorial.